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14th International Workshop on Vortex Matter in Superconductors

      This Workshop continues the tradition of International Workshop on Vortex Matter in Superconductors, which began in 1994. The purpose of the Workshop is to promote international collaboration and exchange of ideas in this fascinating field. This time the workshop will be held by Nanjing University and take place in International Conference Hotel in Nanjing city, Jiangsu province in middle China. We also expand the topics of the Workshop beyond vortex matter to include the latest frontier research in superconductivity.

     Finally, at the Workshop Banquet, we will announce the second recipient of the Abrikosov Prize for Vortex Physics given to a colleague who has made substantial and sustained contributions to the field of vortex physics.

     There are nearly 120 invited participants from all over the world at the Workshop. The scientific program will allow for in-depth discussions and a chance to enjoy the city of Nanjing and the famous Yellow Mountain. Specific workshop topics in vortex physics and superconductivity include:

  • Vortex phase diagram
  • Vortex dynamics
  • Vortex imaging
  • Josephson junction arrays and THz generation
  • Pseudogap vortex states
  • Pair breaking scattering and vortex pinning in s± superconductors
  • Vortices in meso- and nanoscale systems
  • Artificial pinning centers, strong pinning and effects of irradiation
  • Pinning and AC losses in superconducting tapes
  • Pairing symmetry in the iron pnictide
  • Superconducting/ferromagnetic hybrids
  • Novel vortex states
  • Topological insulator/superconductors
  • Interface superconductivity

We look forward to your participation and the lively and fruitful discussions.

Previous Vortex Workshops

1994       Palaiseau, France, June 26th - July 1st
1995       Lake   Forest, IL,USA, June 22nd - 28th
1996       Shoresh, Israel, June 23rd - 30th
1997       Monte Verita, Switzerland, June 17th - 23rd
1998       Hachimantai, Japan, June 18th - 24th
1999       Stanford   University, CA, USA, June 19th-25th
2000       Lunteren, the Netherlands, August 28th - September 1st
2001       Bariloche, Argentina, November 27th - December 2nd
2003       Ile d'Oleron, France, June 23rd - 27th
2005       Mumbai, India, January 9th - 14th
2006       Wroclaw, Poland, July 3rd - 8th
2009       Lake   Yamanaka, Japan, September 12nd - 16th
2011       Chicago, USA, July 31st - August 5th


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