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14th International Workshop on Vortex Matter in Superconductors



International Conference Hotel Nanjing ★★★★★ 南京国际会议大酒店

Add: 2 Sifangcheng ZhongShanLing, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, P. R. China
Tel: 086-025-84430888
Fax: 086-025-84439255

     The hotel is located at the green forested east suburb of Nanjing at the foot of the Purple Mountain scenic area. It's an urban forest garden hotel which owns the best conference condition and the best scenery of Nanjing. The Hotel is adjoined to the Shanghai-Nanjing Express Way and the Nanjing Around-City Express Way, with convenient transportation – only 10-minute drive to the city centre and railway station. The hotel is surrounded by many interesting places within Nanjing. The excellent geographical location and unparalleled environment provides an ideal atmosphere for all different kinds of conferences and holiday relaxation needs. Please download and print the hotel address guider and show it to the taxi driver if you take a taxi to the hotel. 


Some advices for your journey:
   1. Foreign city → Beijing (Custom and baggage claim)  → Nanjing airport. Be care about the terminals (#3 or #2) in Beijing.
   2. Foreign city → Shanghai (Custom and baggage claim)  → Nanjing airport. Be care about the two airports in Shanghai. Normally the arriving airport is Pudong airport, the air flight to Nanjing is at Pudong or Hongqiao airport. Ask the surface helpers to get a free or charged bus from Pudong airport to Hongqiao airport (taking about 1 hour). Taxi between these two airports costs about 100-150 RMB (18-25 US$)
   3. By high speed train from Beijing (Shanghai) to Nanjing.
Beijing → Nanjing by high speed train (about 4 hours, 1st class one-way 750RMB, about 120 US$; 2nd class 450 RMB, about 75 US$).
Shanghai Hongqiao airport → Nanjing by high speed train (about 1 hours, 1st class one-way 250RMB, about 40 US$; 2nd class 140 RMB, about 25 US$).Then please take a taxi to the meeting hotel from the Nanjing South Railway Station.
   4. There are some international flights directly from foreign cities to Nanjing. These include Frankfurt, Osaka, Incheon, Thailand, Singapore. There are also flights between HongKong, Macao, Taipei and Nanjing. Please consult your travel agencies whether they can figure out a perfect itinerancy for you.
   5. If you arrived at the Nanjing airport or the Nanjing South Railway Station, you can take a taxi to the International Conference Hotel Nanjing. Please download and print the hotel address guider and show it to the taxi driver. The cost of the taxi is about 150 RMB (24 US$) from the Nanjing airport and 40 RMB (7 US$) from the Nanjing South Railway Station. 

Notice: Our excursion ends at about 6:00PM on 27th May in Huangshan. There are direct flights from Huangshan (Tunxi airport, TXN) to Beijing or Shanghai (Hongqiao Airport). You may take these direct flights. In that case, you don't need to take the bus (arranged by us in the morning of 28th) back to Nanjing and leave from Nanjing airport. For those departing from Nanjing, please reserve the flights in the late afternoon or evening on 28th, because the bus from Huangshan to Nanjing will take about 4 hours.


     The average daily temperature of Nanjing and Huangshan city in May is about 25 °C. All meeting rooms have air conditioning. It should be noted that the average temperature of Huangshan Mountain is about 10-15°C, so you need take enough clothes with you.


     To protect yourself and your personal belongings while you are traveling in a foreign country, it is your responsibility to obtain adequate travel and health insurance before leaving your own country.


     Electricity is supplied at 220V, 50Hz in China.

Currency Exchange

     In China, RMB is the only accepted currency. However, exchange centers can be found at airports, banks, most hotels, and in large shopping centers. The exchange rate is about US$ 1 = RMB 6.2. When exchanging money, please keep your receipt by which you can change any remaining RMB back to foreign currency when leaving China. Visa and Master Card are accepted in many department stores and hotels. The Bank of China and most hotels will cash travelers’ checks issued by any major foreign bank or financial institution for which you must show a passport and pay a 0.75 percent commission. Travelers' checks signed over to a third party cannot be cashed in China, but can be presented for collection through the Bank of China.

Reconfirmation of Air Ticket

     Departure airline ticket (international) needs to be reconfirmed 72 hours prior to departure. You can do this by calling the airline offices. Please note that these offices are not typically open on weekends.


     If you have anything, please contact us

               Miss Yu Huang Email:,

               Dr. Huan Yang Email:

               Prof. Hai-Hu Wen Email:

              Center for Superconducting Physics and Materials
              National Lab for Solid State Microstructures
              Department of Physics, Nanjing University
              Hankou Road 22, Gulou District, Nanjing 210093, Jiangsu, P.R. China