Visa Application

You will need a valid passport and visa for visiting China. You can apply for a tourst visa because now it is two late to apply for a visitor's visa.

You may apply for a tourist visa at the Chinese Embassy, or at the nearest consulate general. For detailed information, please contact the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate. For the tourist visa, the photocopy of the roundtrip airline ticket and hotel reservation is required. The template of hotel reservation confirmation which may be needed for the tourist visa can be downloaded here

The number of the official documents is really limited. If you do want to apply for a visitor's visa (no longer than 15 days) for this conference, the procedure to get a formal invitation letter (document) from Nanjing University is the following:

  1. To complete conference registration form and pay registration fee
  2. To complete invitation-letter application form (including your name, passport number), and email it to

Then we will apply for a formal official document from Nanjing university and send to you, and this may take a much longer time. Since it will take two weeks to issue an official document for Visa application, all forms should be completed before April 13th, 2013.